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Cheers to Business:  Deduction or No Deduction

On this special gameshow edition of Cheers To Business, Karen quizzes Chris and Laney Andrews, owners of Bienville Bites Food Tours, on a game called Deduction or No Deduction. Karen throws out a common business tax deduction and Chris and Laney yay or nay that you can deduct that cost on their 2019 business taxes. Pop a top or pop a cork and learn while having fun on this special episode.

{Editor's Note: This episode was recorded right before COVID-19 became the only issue in our lives. When the COVID-19 virus hit, we decided to make some new shows focused more on the information that would be important to business owners to help with the shutdown, PPP, and other daily crisis issues. Due to the COVID-19 shutdown and mass disruption in the restaurant industry, they had to pivot their tours with Bites In A Bag. Now that the shutdown as been lifted, Chris and Laney are planning to restart their food tours, and they are taking time right now to work with the local restaurants as they are reopening and recovering.}

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Key Takeaways:

> Not all business costs are a legitimate deductions.

> When in doubt, ask your CPA or bookkeeper any questions on legitimate business deductions.

> Keep all your receipts, use handy phone apps and technology to record all your expenses.

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RLC Live - June 2, 2020


Our friends from across the USA joined together to talk about two key questions on our Business Podcast.

  1. How do you deal with UNREST in your social community and your BUSINESS?
  2. How do you get yourself ready as a business owner, with your mental state, to be brave and have courageous conversations?

It is up to me, to get ready to lead my team, whatever the conditions outside

UNREST is real - Former police captain, chief killed while defending north St. Louis pawnshop

Kurt Rickhoff owner of 'Rickhoff Business in Balance' shares some of the heartache his clients are feeling with the widespread riots and challenges across the USA this week. The headline above is from June 2nd. People are generally feeling scared.

We have to find a way to protest and express our thoughts, feelings and communities without the need for violence or crimes. Our businesses are just re-opening as we deal with the recovery process from COVID-19 and this puts it back. Peaceful protests will be overshadowed by the acts.

Overcoming UNREST is a decision we can make together

This is a time to build hope and share a way we can all work towards a better future. Let's work on prevention rather than deal with the consequences of the cure.

4 ways we can do this together

  1. BLENDED APPROACH to people coming to the office it is going to be different, the remote working and getting the team together as they go through this is important. - Kurt Rickhoff
  2. AVOID THE STALL FACTOR we are just getting the wheel turning and we need to do all we can to enable the business starting cycle and protect our future. This is a time to LEAD. - Vince Howard
  3. COACH YOUR CLIENTS - coach your clients through their situations. Show your clients how to do it. - Vince and endorsed by Barb too
  4. ANTICIPATE THE FEAR FACTOR - if your not comfortable and you can remote work, enable it. We are business owners and we can decide the right approach for ourselves and our colleagues. - Barb Gay
  5. THE OLD ECONOMY STOPPED MARCH 13th - MARCH 14th the new one began - this is an opportunity to stop, refocus and come out of this stronger. A chance to correct the things we wish we could have done. Choose to move forward and not backward.

As you listen to the podcast episode, stop and think about the questions that have been shared by our team. Put COACHING into the heart of your conversations.

SELF COACH - Use a process to get the best out of your day, refer to your cultural blocks and put them into play.

TEAM COACH - Be your team coach. Step back and notice the whole picture of what is going on.

COACH YOUR CLIENTS - Help your clients through the challenges they are facing.

The outcome you want to see tomorrow, is delivered by the quality of what you do today.



RLC CPA Live - Tuesday, May 19, 2020

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These will take you to last weeks – as the new one is uploaded too…

PLUS one more link: Zoom recording RLC CPA LIVE 05/18/2020

This week we celebrated the importance of Memorial day and asked a big business question to our guests who were:

Barb Gay Watson Accounting Denver

Vincent Howard Howard Howard and Hodges

Karen Simmons CFOCSI

Mike Boots The Mastery Network


What should business owners be focused on right now from four different perspectives:

  1. Business Education – Mike Boots
  2. Entrepreneur – Vince Howard
  3. CFO – Karen Simmons
  4. The Business Coach – Barb Gay



Build your foundational knowledge and take the time to learn from how we got here.  We may have been flying in our business success, feeling good about our bank balance and cash flow and this situation has challenged the very ethos of how you run your business.


This is the time to work on your business framework and plan and build the foundations of what you need your business to be.  Remember that The Mastery Network has the CORE 24 system to help you do just that.



  • It is time to RETHINK EVERYTHING
  • Budget, Budget, Budget, for sales and marketing coming out of this
  • SOP your new processes and procedures


Our need to rethink is more important than ever and then put that into standard procedure.  We also need to budget for the business we want to build including the new need for an invisible emergency fund to plan cashflow for any future event of a similar nature.


CFO: Karen Simmons

It is also time to rethink our ‘How’ and ‘Why’ we do certain and many things and what our policies say.  With many businesses now working from home, the office address has temporarily changed and yet many service providers may only visit the office.  We need to think differently and review everything.


The Business Coach - Barb Gay:

It is time to make sure we are Building our Framework, the roadmap to the future, our market may have changed yet we need to focus on a plan and accountability.


Our clients and our teams need us to set the standard for level of coaching, support and help needed.  We need to help and lead our clients through the challenges ahead.


What one gem of advice would you give before we are done?


Vince Howard: Take a chance, take a step forward to rebuild, rethink and find out.


Barb Gay: Have the right mindset.  Make sure you are leading your team that way.


Mike Boots: remember this is Memorial Day weekend in the USA and let’s remember those who have done so much for us, sacrificing what they had for those that have today.


Karen Simmons: Don’t apologize for success.  If you are succeeding during this time, don’t apologize for it.  Instead support your local businesses, go to the curb side, eat in the restaurants and do your bit to support those locally.


RLC CPA LIVE Host Dave Evans: Never has it been easier to do your bit for your community in our history.

The Mastery Network - Thursday, April 30, 2020

Member Karen Simmons from CFO Consulting Services talks with HR expert and founder of Morale Resource, LLC, Dr. Gia Wiggins, to discuss helping out employers, employees, and customers to transitioning back into the workplace after the mandated shutdown. What does this "new business normal" going to look like? Gia lays out some sage-like advice to rewriting the employee handbook and transitioning back into working in the office to feel important, safe, and effective. It's time always to be thinking globally and building locally.

Listen & learn:

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Web Player + Show Notes: https://bit.ly/2KHCyW7

The Mastery Network - Monday, April 6, 2020

A podcast shared by Thomson Reuters - Thomson Reuters employee Will Hill and Business by Design Owner Paul Miller discuss the challenges  in handling the client demands for help with the SBA program, with particular attention to the PPP. Beyond just the need now, they dive into setting up a structure for servicing the needs now and what the resulting needs will be through the remainder of the year.

The Mastery Network - Monday, March 31, 2020

Sharing a podcast done by one of our members, Karen Simmons from CFO Consulting Services.  While it's getting pretty tough out there for so many business owners, and employees, Karen and Michelle Crowe shed some light on the best resources, loans, and relief assistance that's out there to help all aspects of our businesses and workforce.

Listen & learn:
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Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2WLdWD2

Play Now: https://bit.ly/2UwJgCL

Web Player + Show Notes: https://bit.ly/2xhOfPO

The Mastery Network - Monday, March 25, 2020

 A conversation with one of our Mastery Network Partners, Dave Evans, CLO of RLC Group and Mastery Network Members Barb Gay, President, Watson & Co;  Kurt Rickhoff, Owner, Rickhoff & Associates and  Vincent Howard, Managing Partner Howard, Howard and Hodges, CPA and the impact of COVID-19 and what they are doing to assist their clients.

The Mastery Network - Monday, March 23, 2020
A conversation with Karen Simmons, President, CFO Consulting on weathering an economic downtu

The Mastery Network  - Wednesday, March 18, 2020

A conversation with Michael Boots, Executive Director, The Mastery Network, LLC and Dave Evans, CLO, RLC Group, a strategic partner of TMN.