Core Mastery - The Industries Only Foundational Business Intelligence e-Learning System

What Is Core Mastery?

  • The Mastery Network's cornerstone e-learning platform Core Mastery™ is the difference maker for advisors.  
  • Designed to compliment the knowledge, skills and return each unique advisor brings, our introductory program Core 24™ is the heart in creating an advisory business based on a recurring revenue model.
  • Generate leads and fuel your core offerings utilizing relevant technology.
  • Your business and your clients learn the foundational business knowledge required throughout a businesses life-cycle.  This allows your clients the opportunity to learn foundational skills at their pace and when it's convenient for them and come to you for custom advice!
  • Businesses enjoy using Core 24 as a team advancement tool.  Our software educates and empowers your team with the foundational knowledge they need to provide advisory services!
Many entrepreneurs fail, not because they have bad ideas, but because they don't have the knowledge it takes to convert their ideas into success.  Mastery Network Member firms gain access to offer our Core Mastery™ e-learning platform as part of their current services.  Core Mastery houses the revolutionary Core 24™ business education program. 

The Core 24 system breaks down the entire business life-cycle into 24 essential business concepts (called "Cores") designed to provide foundational business knowledge.  This groundbreaking system was built to compliment any professional advisor's experience, content and process and elevate the knowledge shared to the entrepreneur while providing a recurring revenue stream.  

Join the Mastery Network and leverage Core 24 to help your clients learn foundational knowledge that supports and enhances your proven knowledge, guidance and ideas to help them dream big, think realistically, and plan and manage carefully - ultimately achieving more than they ever imagined.
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The Core 24 Module - Key Learning Areas

    Smart Planning

    Business planning, cash flow, and budgeting

    Entity choice and management

    Real estate


    Preparing for business transition, exit, or sale

    Tax strategies and planning

    Financial Intelligence

    How to read financial statements

    Key Performance Indicators ("KPIs")

    Income management

    Expense management

    Banking and lending


    Team and Benefits
    Business owner comp and benefits
    Employee vs. independent contractors

    All about employees

    Social security and retirement

    Investments and insurance

    Business Development

    Marketing 101
    Sales 101


    Customer experience


    Soft Skills



    Time management and delegation
    Working on your business

    Implement Peace of Mind to Inspire More 

    A core principle of The Mastery Network is prosperity.  While prosperity means so much more to us than just financial, in order to truly improve the success rate of entrepreneurs and businesses, it is imperative the professional advisors who lead them are built on a solid financial foundation.  Joining The Mastery Network and adding Core Mastery to your current services can set your business up for long term stability and allow you to say goodbye to the traditional 'feast and famine' roller coaster.

    The one thing every successful professional advisor needs is a base of recurring revenue.  The key is to build recurring offerings on top of what you are already doing well.  The model above is just one example of the return potential offered by adding Core Mastery to your current offerings.  Assuming a retail of just $125 per month, per client*, a return can be realized with only 10 clients and more importantly, begins to build a solid base of recurring revenue.  

    *Suggested retail is $100-$300 per month per client with price being dependent on market, target market, additional advisory offered, etc.

    Not included in the model is the potential for additional revenue streams as well as: 

    •Business growth experienced as a result of increased referrals
    •Client satisfaction and retention 
    •Positive culture through team development
    •Remaining relevant as an industry leader today and in the future
    •Enhanced brand strength
    •Impact more people
    •Scalable income
    •Stable metrics
    •More time to do the things you love!
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